“Little Fockers” Movie Review

     It is with great displeasure I find myself having to write a movie review about a film this wretched.  What makes “Little Fockers” perhaps the worst film of the year is the malice behind it.  When a studio sets out to make a film for purely financial reasons, they could at least release a product worthy of the talent involved.  I mean this film stars the greatest actor of all time in Robert DeNiro and surrounds him with Ben Stiller, Owen Wilson, and even Jessica Alba this time around.  Yet, the results are weak due to a lame script, lazy direction, and no sense of comic timing.  In fact, the only decent jokes in Little Fockers are those which are retreaded from the previous two films.

     When we catch up with Greg Focker (Ben Stiller), he is now married to Pam (Teri Polo) and they have two children.  You would think because the title of the film refers to those two children that they would take center stage in the proceedings, but you would be wrong.  As has always been the case, this is the Jack (DeNiro) versus Greg show and yes they are constantly making the “I’m watching you.” sign to each other and engaging in stare downs you know can’t be taken seriously.  For the third time in three movies, there is even a sub plot involving Jack telling his daughter to get rid of Greg in favor of Kevin (Owen Wilson). 

     This time, the reasoning is due to Andi Garcia, a pharmaceuticals rep played by Jessica Alba. Andi has approached Greg to be a representative for a new male enhancement drug called “Sustango.”  Why she chose Greg to speak about a drug designed for old men with heart conditions is beyond me. Aside from the endless name comparisons to the famous actor (that’s how desperate this film is), this Andi is so attracted to Greg that she is consistently throwing herself at him (yah, right) and of course their relationship is questioned by Jack.  This leads to some silly cat and mouse games where Jack gets to use his super spy CIA skills in order to prove Greg is cheating on his daughter (yawn).

     I know these films are not meant to be serious, but the running joke that has Kevin clearly pining for Pam has worn its welcome.  Haven’t we witnessed enough of these scenes where Kevin puts the moves on Pam in front of Greg and the entire family, but Greg is the only one who realizes something is going on?  In the first film, it was funny when Kevin shows off his custom made wooden alter which he claims he “whittled” in one weekend.  In this film, Kevin shows off a lower back tattoo of Pam!  Even worse, we have to endure this worn sub plot at least four times!  It gets to the point where I wish Greg would just knock Kevin out already! 

     As many have already said, this film is full of actors and behind the camera talent who have clearly signed up for the paycheck.  Why such fine actors as Robert DeNiro and even the returning Dustin Hoffman would want to be a part of this mess is perplexing.  There are films that come out each year which are bad but didn’t arrive with any expectation.  With Little Fockers, I expected at least a decent film and when this one was over, I realized it was a really bad film that threw all expectation out the window and killed the franchise.  The proverbial “up yours” to the audience.  Maybe, like the “American Pie” series, we can look forward to a bunch of lame straight to video Meet the Parents films where Greg divorces Pam and actually hooks up with Andi!  No worse a story idea than this one was.  GRADE: F