“She’s Out of My League” Movie Review

     I suspect there will be no shortage of upcoming films whose sound bite reviews are advertised to read “The funniest movie since The Hangover!”  Every comedy, or film for that matter, will strive to reach the laughs The Hangover got out of audiences last summer and more importantly to the studio, the box office receipts as well.  And so the latest entry into this genre is “She’s Out of My League”, a serviceable comedy with several laughs, although I feel I’ve seen this film before.

     The biggest mistake a comedy can make is allowing all of the funniest scenes to find their way into the film’s trailer.  There quite possibly is nothing worse than sitting in the theater seat watching a film and knowing exactly what will happen because of the trailer.  Fortunately, this is not the case with She’s Out of My League, although this could simply be the crude nature of some of the best gags.  Bottom line with this type of film is the entertainment value.  Did you feel you got what you paid for?

     Jay Baruchel stars as Kirk who is a very typical twenty something with dreams he and his friends feel may be out of reach.  One day, a chance meeting with Molly, played by Alice Eve, leads him to believe he may finally achieve happiness, in other words the ability to date a girl he and his friends have deemed out of reach.  You see, in this world everyone is graded on a 1 to 10 rating scale and while Kirk is merely a “5”, Molly is a “Hard 10” and out of reach.  As Kirk’s friends say, “You can only date a girl who is 2 above your score”, meaning poor Kirk is stuck with, at best, a “7.”  And so goes the story as Kirk endures one embarrassing situation after another as he dates Molly, many very hilarious in nature.

     I mentioned earlier I felt I had seen this film before.  Let’s call this the newly invented “40 Year Old Virgin” cookie cutter comedy.  This might as well have been titled “The 25 Year Old Virgin.”  You have your perceived geeky male lead who is out of shape, shy, and suffering from serious self esteem issues.  He is backed up by three friends, each giving him advice they rarely heed themselves.  You have the female lead acting like she has no idea why this guy she’s dating has these issues in the first place.  Finally, the gross out gags seen in this type of film with audience points awarded for the best and most envelope pushing.  Mash each element together and you’ve got the latest recycling of this genre. 

    For those who don’t mind seeing this type of film with different lessor known actors inserted into familiar roles (and no Judd Apatow in the producing or directing chair), you’ll likely be highly entertained by She’s Out of My League.  I found myself laughing throughout and I truly felt for Kirk and his quest for Molly.  The supporting players are all given their moments in the film and that seems to balance things out nicely with the leads.  The film is not fresh material by any means, but sometimes a retelling of a familiar story is done right and that makes She’s Out of My League a good option in this crowded field. GRADE: C+