2013 Ten Best List


     Filmmaking quality has seemingly trended upward during my now four years of reviewing feature films.  I reviewed over 95 films in 2013 and awarded an “A” grade to 19 of them, up from 17 “A” grades in 2012.  Yes, 2013 had it’s fair share of low points, but a solid summer frame combined with a better than usual awards season brought audiences plenty of entertainment, as well as many films which had significant meaning to our culture.  2013 was a year that explored where we have been; where we are now; and more importantly; where we are going in a collective way I have yet to see in previous years.  Some of the most appealing films to me where the ones which set out to uncover and explore our very social fabric with both daring and honesty.  Whether it be the people barely scraping by in the economically depressed Midwestern town of Hawthorne, Nebraska, or the ones clinging to any hint of hope at all during the highly consequential time in our history when slavery was a horrific reality, the very best films of 2013 were strikingly human to me.  In other words, they showed no one is perfect, but when we learn and grow from our experiences, we can overcome anything. 

     There were many worthy films to consider this year, but these 10 represent in order the ones I feel were exceptional in most every way.  Each of them struck that proverbial cord we often talk about, resonating with me on an emotional level that left me thinking days, weeks, and months later about their meaning and overall place in film lore.   Each film is linked with my original review.

10.  Enough Said - My Review

9.  Saving Mr. Banks - My Review

8.  August: Osage County - My Review

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2.  Her - My Review

1.  12 Years A Slave - My Review